Project actions

The implementation phase of the BIOREM demonstration will involve four tightly connected actions:

  1. Demonstration of the innovative soil monitoring method through a characterization of the initial soil conditions, which will also provide a reference framework for the following actions.

  2. Demonstration of the addition of exogenous organic matter to 10 different types of soil.

  3. Demonstration of BIOREM revegetation strategies.
    (The 10 plots wil be subdivided into 40 sub-plots: 10 will not be treated and will serve as a control sample; 10 will be treated with addition of exogenous organic matter; 10 will receive revegetation; 10 will be treated with a combination of addition of exogenous organic matter and revegetation according to the BIOREM method, whose superior effectiveness will be demonstrated).

  4. Demonstration of the innovative biochemical monitoring methodology through four sampling and measurement campaigns leading to a dynamic characterization of the status and evolution of the treated soils.
    The initiative and its results will be widely disseminated in the involved countries and in the EU through a structured, thorough and consistent communication campaign.

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